3rd edition Heuvellandcursus 10+11 May 2012 – now open for registration!

Where do I start? How do I construct a clear and logical story?

  • Tips & tricks for the structure of a powerful paper
  • Do’s and don’ts of titles, abstracts, tables, figures and references
  • Finding the most effective way from research idea to PubMed

What to do when and with whom?

  • The optimal plan for the writing and publication process
  • Collaborating with co-authors and supervisors
  • Organising scientific output

Journals and the reviewing process

  • The wondrous world of impact factors
  • Submitting, revising, and re-submitting

 Meet the editor

  • Behind the scenes of editorial offices
  • Question & answer with the editor of an indexed journal

Icing on the cake

  • A Burgundian walk and an inspiring dinner speaker

The Heuvellandcursus “Effective writing and publishing scientific papers” will take place on Thursday and Friday 10 + 11 May 2012 in a beautiful country lodge in the green Limburg Heuvelland.

Teachers: Dr. Daniel Kotz & Dr. Jochen Cals, Maastricht University/CAPHRI.
Course coordinator: Dr. Daniel Kotz, phone: 0031 43 3882893, mail: d.kotz@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Primary target audience: junior researchers and PhD students from health, medical, and life sciences who wish to write articles for peer-reviewed journals more effectively and efficiently, with a focus on biomedical research.

Costs: €499 for researchers affiliated to an academic institution (others €699), including all materials, accommodation in luxury one-person bedrooms, all meals and beverages (breakfast, 2x lunch, dinner, drinks), as well as a green and inspiring surrounding. The county lodge is easily accessible by car and public transport (20km from Maastricht).

Please note: this is an interactive and therefore small-scaled course (the maximum number of participants is 20). Enrolment occurs on a first come-first serve principle; full = full.

To apply please download the registration form, complete and return it by e-mail to: heuvellandcursus@maastrichtuniversity.nl


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