Lectures and other contributions to meetings

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Handouts of selected lectures

2017-03-24: Effectiveness of the Assessment of Burden of COPD (ABC) tool on health-related quality of life in patients with COPD

2017-03-15: The current evidence base for smoking cessation treatment in smokers with COPD

2017-02-10: Evidence-based smoking cessation treatments: implementation of knowledge into routine care

2015-03-11: The effectiveness of smoking cessation treatments used in the “real world”

2013-01-24: Predictive validity of the Motivation To Stop Scale (MTSS): a single-item measure of motivation to stop smoking


Contact details

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kotz, PhD MPH MSc
Institute of General Practice, Addiction Research and Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Medical Faculty of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, P.O. Box 101007, 40001 Düsseldorf, Germany, T: +49 211 81 16327, E-Mail: Daniel.Kotz@med.uni-duesseldorf.de

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