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2018-12-13: Konsum von Tabakerhitzern und E-Zigaretten in Deutschland: aktuelle Daten der DEBRA Studie [Deutsch]

2018-09-06: Heat-not-burn products: representative data on consumer behaviour and associated factors in the German population (the DEBRA study)

2018-06-22: Tabakentwöhnung – state of the art [Deutsch]

2018-04-12: Implementierung evidenz-basierter Methoden zur Tabakentwöhnung [Deutsch]

2017-12-07: Trends in the use of tobacco and e-cigarettes in Germany: recent findings from the new DEBRA study

2017-03-24: Effectiveness of the Assessment of Burden of COPD (ABC) tool on health-related quality of life in patients with COPD

2017-03-15: The current evidence base for smoking cessation treatment in smokers with COPD

2017-02-10: Evidence-based smoking cessation treatments: implementation of knowledge into routine care

2015-03-11: The effectiveness of smoking cessation treatments used in the “real world”

2013-01-24: Predictive validity of the Motivation To Stop Scale (MTSS): a single-item measure of motivation to stop smoking


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